Our online discussions will spark ideas of resources that may be helpful to some of you. This page will serve as a place to post these materials.  I will start this out by listing a few resources that may be helpful to teachers working with English language learners. 

World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment  

WIDA Consortium website: We will refer to this website frequently throughout the course.  WIDA produces the ACCESS for ELLs English Language Proficiency exam that Montana adopted last year.  It’s a good idea to get familiar with this website.  There are many resources here!

Understanding Language Logo  

Common Core and English Language Learners:  A Stanford University-led project called Understanding Language on the academic language necessary for ELLs to access the Common Core State Standards.  Academic research and teacher resources available.


7 thoughts on “Resources

  1. The Career Technical Special Populations Training & Resource Education Center, funded by the Texas Education Agency in cooperation with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, has developed an extensive page of links to webcasts, websites and journal articles geared toward working with ELLs and their parents. There are many activity and teaching strategy suggestions explained in a multimedia format.

  2. Hi All, this is the book I was trying to remember during our second PLC:
    _English Language Learners with Special Education Needs_
    Alfredo J. Artiles and Alba A. Ortiz (2002)
    Published by the Center for Applied Linguistics

  3. Hi all! While filling in the SIOP lesson plan template, I found this resource that explained things really well. Go to page 4 for the run-down on how to interpret the parts of the lesson plans:–9I7JFU-sJ1WneCtM8oHJ9UdpEfFfaHJqKYR9CbzPnPnyD-Tidg7iXIl2ULWZaCMbcfC9i5L3MuQAq&sig=AHIEtbR-3js2DdIs_TtParKU6JdAaMlkIw


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