Welcome to this five-week class on Teaching and Assessing Limited English Proficient Students!  I hope that your summer is off to a wonderful start.

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I am hopeful that the online format will allow you to explore this topic at a time and pace that also allows for some recuperation.

In an effort to streamline the technology component of this online class, I have put together this blog site, which will serve as a central point of access to class materials, discussions, and resources.  You may want to view a short screencast I made to walk you through the organization and use of this site.  If you view this video, you will notice it might look a little different from now.  The video was made while I was still building the site, and so this site has since been updated.   Don’t worry, though – everything about how the site is organized has remained the same.

Don Bouchard of the WIDA Consortium and Lynn Hinch, OPI Bilingual Specialist, will also make appearances throughout this course and I am grateful for their active input in developing this syllabus and webinars.  We are excited to offer for the first time an online professional development course related to teaching Limited English Proficient students in Montana.  They, as well as I, will be interested in your thoughts about follow-up activities and supports that might be useful to you after you have completed this five-week introduction to working with and assessing English language learning students.

If you have any questions or comments, use the comment box below to share your thoughts.  You are always welcome to send me a private message via e-mail too.  The first time you make a comment, I (as the moderator), must approve it, so you will not see it immediately.  After that, your name will be recognized by the site and your comments should appear right away. 

I look forward to the next five weeks with you all.



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